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Sac Bee Polishes up Arnolds Illegal Immigrant Statements

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  • Sac Bee Polishes up Arnolds Illegal Immigrant Statements

    Schwarzenegger has pushed back in his own way, citing "contributions" of the undocumented. He was saying they give more than they take. He wasn't advocating open borders, but acknowledging the reality of economics as the engine driving illegal immigration.

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    Swartzenegger himself is a foreigner who has never worked in the trades, so it's easy for him to make BS statement like this. He doesn't know any different, and he has no idea of the history behind illegals who do all that work. Nor has he worked side by side with them, I'm sure he'd be in for a rude awakening if he ever took the opportunity.

    Arnold hasn't a clue of what we have lost due to the invasion.


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      My legal resident Brazilian friend is of foreign origins, yet is BEWILDERED by Arnold Schwarzenegger. She wonders HOW on earth he can possibly be SO GLIB on ILLEGAL immigration since he came here LEGALLY and later BECAME a CITIZEN!


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        Arnold failed care test

        Taking the test does not make you an American citizen, if you could teach a chimp to speak he could pass the test, would that make him an American citizen ???????


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          Arnold 'owes' the big agricultural bosses a shot in the arm. Agri is big business here in California. If the citizens of this state actually were informed of how the state subsidizes the farmers with all the goodies given to the stoop labor and what the are actually receiving in return, the citizens would be up in arms. But instead we keep being told a head of lettuce will cost five bucks. That is so much bs, that you can smell the manure all the way to Mexico City.