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    The most recent campaign trotted out by Flex Your Power is;

    "Global warming isn't just a fact. It's a choice. Save energy."

    I guess they think Al Gore is right.

    Here is the letter I fired off to them.

    Dear Sirs or Madam;

    I have been hearing or seeing your propaganda campaign on radio and TV.

    This letter is to notify you that I will continue to use incandecent bulbs in my home regardless of what forms of guilt you use to change my behavior. Incandecent bulbs when having expired their usefulness are not hazardous material containing mercury. Has any thought gone into the cost of disposal of all these flourescent bulbs that youre advising everyone to use? My guess is that this is an afterthought.

    As for 'global warming',.... just when did this become fact, let alone a choice? And whats more is even if it were fact, what makes you think that something so insignificant as puny humanity would be able to change the environment once it has begun to change?
    Enjoy Freedom? Get off your ass and do something to preserve it then.

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    I guess they think Al Gore is right.
    Maybe they are sparing us the truth for our own protection.
    "You can't handle the truth"


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      Compact flourescent light, or CFL's are the nemesis to Ham Operators/Short-wave Listeners in the HF portion of the band.
      It causes tremendous interference on recieve, making communications all but impossible.
      Here's the fun part, on almost all cheaply made Comsumer electronics, there's a FCC sticker saying "Must accept interference"...(You know, that sticker) and being produced without any RF-chokes or filtering, My radios can cause havoc to My entire Neighborhood's TVs, radio, telephones, toasters, etc.
      So it's either be nice to Me, and I'll place RF-chokes(for free), or be not so nice, and It's guaranteed I'll run 1500 watts on Super Bowl weekend.

      As soon as a Neighbor replaces Their lights with CFL's, I know, and I find Them, and inform Them that it's actually in violation of a Federal law to interfere with a licensed Ham Operator, and I will report them.

      So, at least for now, I've found a loop-hole in that law, and my Neighbors get to watch TV without interference from Me.

      Besides, LED's are much more energy efficient, and no toxic waste clean-up should one break.


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        One of my childhood friends, well, actually we were friends longer than that, but his dad was a ham op. His call letters were W6die.

        Cercas has a big point about the toxicity of mercury being a poor replacement for incandescant bulbs wattage. They require you to bag up old flourescent bulbs at the dump now.


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          Immigration contributory to energy crisis

          All this turning the other way while illegals pour into America, is a direct cause and affect of the energy and water shortages.

          There are only so many resources. No matter how you do the math. Too many people and limited resources = a crisis.

          We've the Delta wars about pumping north California water to the south state. Yet no one is addressing what do we do when they keep coming here and we're out of water to pump?

          Even the floursecent bulbs and other measures, is nice, but it seems to me that its our do-nothing govenment asking us to tighten our belts so that they don't have to deal with allowing illegals pour in here to consume our water and use up our other resources, while sending money they make back to their country, while using our infrastructure and wearing it out.


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            They are not just asking us to tighten our belts. Correspondingly they are demanding we pay more for less