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Booted From NextDoor Website Again

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  • Booted From NextDoor Website Again

    Hello everyone,

    I'm not sure how many of you know about the website NextDoor, but I've been on their roster for several years now. They have rather strange user rules, as in some are very ambiguous, and there's an awful lot of left leaning bias by moderation teams. I was just stopped from posting for an unstated rule violation. This is the part that baffles me. They don't come out and show you the actual offending post. they just give generalizations, so it's up to you to dwell in silence and i guess reflect upon what you have posted there in the last week or more that might have broken an an ambiguous or even unstated rule. What happens when they stop you from posting is that you go into a non-user status, and all of your posts, whether it be one month or 10 years of them, become non-existent. So anyone performing a search for you, or any posts you made, will find zero
    It's a strange way to run a social media site, especially when it is trying to become an advertising agency. is their site, so it's theirs to crash and burn with, which I believe will happen soon enough. For me, I have decided I cannot invest in that site anymore. They have too much power over my existence, and they wield their biased censorship to fit a socialist world, but at the same time they are selling ads like greedy capitalists. Seems quite the contradiction, but that's pretty much how california's legislature and executive branch runs these days too.

    Anyway......I have to wean myself away from that site, and concentrate on a more open venue, such as this one. I'll miss a lot of my friends on nextdoor, and some of the foes that I've come to know. i will not miss the censorship, hypocrisy, duplicity, and of course, those blasted advertisements that get forcibly interjected into the news feeds every two or three posts.