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    Today, my old faithful camcorder broke. It's actually not the camcorder, but tha docking station that is used to download data. It appears the part is not available since these little electronics gizmo's go obselete in as little as 3 years or so. Mines about 5 years, and as you know, it has been through the mill. The problem is that the I-link connector has one of these tiny little tongs pushed back inside the slot, and it won't touch anymore. In my earlier days, I would have broken out the soldering tool and replaced it myself, but the eyesight is not up to standard ffor this project. The whole part is only as big as a fingernail on a pinkie, so you see the dilemna
    I had just filmed the SEIU event at the state capitol today, and had a few good bits to show you. I don't see it happening now

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      Bummer man.


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        Found a temporary fix!

        The windows Vista did not allow the use of the original USB link to download videos. I used one of my kids computers that has XP, and installed the sony program on it. It's working, with the exception of the sound so far. I'll solve that soon. Windows XP has a better version of windows movie maker too. I just uploaded a new video from the SEIU event at the capitol. I'll post it here soon