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Celebrate Independence Day!

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  • Celebrate Independence Day!

    Today is the commemoration of a very brave act a handful of people performed in defying a very powerful king, and seizing the opportunity to create a better, more responsive government of their own design. don't let it be forgotten, or belittled, because those people pledged everything they owned, and their very lives to obtain the liberties they deserved. We deserve them too. While the colonists drove the mad king out a long time ago, the kings rule is still practiced here, and favored by many. I'm referring to administrative law, and english common law. We have a constitution, and that is what the founders of this nation desired. All too often the common law is being substituted for it, and it has slowly been creeping in to our legal system. don't let it take hold! Challenge it whenever possible. Our right to trial, and the separation of powers needs to be preserved. Stand up and celebrate!