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  • Demand English Language Voting Materials

    I am spearheading a drive or possibly even an initiative for the county of Sacramento that will change the current policy of receiving voting materials in bilingual form. I would like to see Sacramento residents be able to obtain their voting materials in English only if they so request, and that all ballots, voter pamphlets, and information be made available in single language formats.

    As it is now, the county is forcing another language on us. My last sample ballot was not only confusing, but also difficult to read in many places because the printing was shrunk in order to bring them in bilingual form. I feel I am being manipulated by my government and subliminally coerced into accepting a foreign language, as well as being influenced into voting for spanish speaking candidates.

    I feel we are American, and the official language is English, so we should be able to demand our materials in the language of our choice without the influences of foreigners. I am spearheading a drive to make this happen in Sacramento county. I will first attempt to work with our county registrar to effect those changes, but if that fails to prove fruitful in a very short time, I am willing to take it to a ballot initiative for the county.

    Please indictate your willingness to to sign or support such a measure by posting in this thread or emailing me at:


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    You bet, Ayatollah! I am 100 PERCENT for THIS! As you said, English is our MOTHER tongue!