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Washington Rallies Diversity; Just Not In Political Affiliation

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  • Washington Rallies Diversity; Just Not In Political Affiliation

    There will be no change in Congress until the 2 party system has been gentrified.
    There is no diversity in politics. There are two declared independents in the senate, but they are actually democrats. There are none in Congress. No greens, no libertarians, no AIP......nothing. All political appointees to the bench and executive offices are chosen for their adherence to one of the two parties. Especially judicial ones, and until there is diversity in that arena, all rulings from the bench will favor the ruling class. It is important that this be changed soon, before it becomes a one party system, and we know how that works in China, Russia, Nazi Germany, etc.
    Make no mistake, that is the most favored outcome for the ruling class. California's "Top Two" system has handed them a bully pulpit, and remember it was two declared Republicans who shepherded that through, and democrats that have made lavish use of it.
    For all the crying being done by our current governor Newsom in favor of diversity, there is none within politics. His appointments run 99% democrat, with a republican thrown in less than 1% of the time where the job is meant to be a failure. By failure, I mean a job where he doesn't want a democrat to suffer the reprisals. Think prison wardens and the like. Washington DC runs exactly the same way, save for the appointments of opposing party are usually handed to turncoats or chameleons. California must halt this abominable process of Top Two, and return to closed primary. It will take a constitutional amendment of course, but it's a necessary step. Washington is another matter though