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California PDF on recalling vermin politicians

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  • California PDF on recalling vermin politicians

    Here is the PDF that talks about the process of recalling state and local officials. I got the link from my State Senator last year, it's something like 37 printed pages with two basic sections: one for recalling state elected officials and another for local elected politicians, including school boards, county board of supervisors and city hall.

    If anyone has friends or relatives in Los Angeles County ask them to sign the petition to recall District Attorney George Gascon. Gascon has implemented no cash bail and skewed the prosecutorial process to favoring the criminal over the victim. It seems he was able to outspend his election opponents with a huge influx of money from far left, marxist organizations. They need 800,000 signatures plus a considerable margin to overcome signature verification shenanigans.

    Don't forget the upcoming recall election of Gavin Newsom. They're gaslighting, lying and trying to buy and machinate Newsoms way out of being recalled. Don't let them do it.

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    The bar on recall for Gascon seems a bit high, given it's a county election.


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      Crime is going through the roof in LA County. Gascon is betraying the citizenry in the opposite way that former Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco did.

      Pacheco once said that anyone can convict the guilty but it takes a truly great prosecutor to convict the innocent. He would file if a leaf blew in the window and skimmed across the top of his desk. In his goal to pack the jailhouse he highjacked the courthouse and oppressed the citizenry. Prosecutors like him are why proposition 47 and the other pro criminal proposition could be sold to the public.

      Gascon is letting murderers and truly evil people prey upon the public. I think it's part of a marxist tactic of creating a problem and riding in with a solution that always furthers their agenda. In this case as a stepping stone to power - enough mayhem ensues that the people are so begging for relief that they will accept a government taking away their fundamental rights.

      Gascon and Pacheco are both assholes and should be driven out of any goverment office they may occupy and not allowed to ever again occupy political office or practice law of any sort - nothing ever again that involves the public trust.


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        The government sold us on the idea that we needed protection from the terrorists, and broke 1 century and a half tradition on Habeas Corpus, the use of torture, the first amendment, the fourth amendment. All of that sprang forth from a few violent attacks by people who the government allowed in, and refused to track or detain. That is the embodiment of the a protection racket.