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  • Missing Person Francisco (Frank) Tyquiengco

    Hello everyone. We are missing a relative. He owns a home in South Sac near Gerber Road and Power Inn Road. He has been missing for over a month. His name is Frank Tyquiengco. He is 83, a retired US Army Sgt Major. He has some mobility limitations, and walks with a 4 footed cane. He used to frequent Mr Perry's restaurant, as well as that Chinese Buffet on Stockton Blvd and Florin Road. He used to attend the St. Paul Catholic Church on Florin Road. We are looking for anyone who might have seen him or has information regarding his whereabouts since around Thanksgiving. His disappearance is way out of character for him. We are trying to get the sheriff to investigate, and that's going slow. We've only spoken to a volunteer there who basically said they have 122 cases before him. We've spoken with neighbors, and have made contact with the church. We have reached out to the VA, but they weren't allowed to divulge any info to us at this time
    There is a detective assigned to the case. We've been speaking with neighbors there, and there is a couple cameras across the street which may provide some information. There is a live in caretaker involved, who is a distant relative, but he's been difficult to communicate with and hasn't been very informative. We have made posts on facebook and Nextdoor websites. Any information anyone has would be a help. email us at :
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    There is some news. A hunter stumbled across Frank's car in a remote area about 4 1/2 hours from Sacramento. He contacted authorities up there because it looked suspicious. It's off of dirt roads. With some prodding from relatives, the authorities in conjunction with forest service workers organized a search and recovery with dogs. Although we're still getting the information second hand, thus far Frank is not found. They did find articles of clothing, a wallet, and a watch away from the vehicle. Frank was one to wear watches. I found probably 40 of them in his house. Now we have a week or two to recover his car. I have a four wheel drive one ton, and I believe I can get it pulled out to the dirt road and then load it up on a rented car trailer, I've had Covid, and it has left me a bit weak, and still other hanging on symptoms, which I hope to be over soon. I'll have to try and recruit someone else to go along and help. I'll post some pics the hunter took when he found it soon


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      Another update:
      The search team has located Frank's leather jacket and a wallet containing money and his ID. These items were not found in the car, but away from it. We do not know how far from the car they were found. We have retrieved all of the items that were in the car, and it was a lot. More than any person would need to go visit a friend in town briefly as was told to us by Justin who was living with him at the time. A lot of clothes healthcare items, family pictures, etc.
      The car was stuck off road, and it appears to have sunk in wet mud. It may have been there for some time. possibly since he disappeared
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        Friends and family,
        I am thoroughly disappointed (once again) by the response from law enforcement regarding frank's case. The detective working the case has been more of a misinformation source than information. today we' were informed they will not process the car or even perform a search in the area as they stated previously. This detective has let us down so many times. I hope he never has occasion to ask our help in another case, as i will be reluctant to do so. We are now at a standstill, if not the end of the line. I am going to reach out to the department to have Frank's personal effects returned to us since they seem to have no need of them. Honestly don't exactly know what happened up there in the forest where his car was found, but the search team located his jacket with a wallet inside containing Frank's ID and some cash, along with his watch. These items were located 700 feet from the car. The current presumption is that frank got his car stuck in the snow or rain when he ran off the trail/dirt road he was on. He may have stepped out of the car and tried to walk out. At some point he may have gotten lost and got hypothermia.
        Because he had money in his wallet, it doesn't make a case that someone tried to dump him out there. Also, since the car was so full of clothes, and other items, it's hard to envision someone else could have fit in there with him. It is unlikely that someone else drove all Frank's stuff out there and abandoned it with money. It is of course still a possibility, but the proof of that is fleeting.
        The last thing I can say this evening is that it still strikes me as odd that Frank got so much of his wardrobe, framed family pictures, bags of shoes, socks, underwear, zipper bags of suits, a tool chest, and so much else in that automobile by himself, or in the very least, without Justin knowing about it. And Justin said he left suddenly with nothing. That part still stinks.
        That is all for now


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          The Sacramento sheriff detective said he visited the scene where Frank's car was found. He was astounded that the car made it that far given the road. He believes the car slid in the snow from the road/trail, and got stuck. His theory is that Frank got out, and in the process of trying to get the car out, fell down the side of the mountain. At that time, he got to a hypothermic state and shed his jacket and watch. He then died there, or he tried to walk a bit more, and fell farther down the mountain where he expired. At this time they believe animals got his body. They are going to post signs to alert hunters in the area to keep a look out for any remains.
          It is likely we will move to have Frank declared legally dead. Although in absentia, there will be services with full military honors, and a burial of his uniform and other personal effects next to his predeceased wife here in Sacramento
          Thanks for everyone's help, ideas, and suggestions. I'll update this thread to notify everyone when services are scheduled
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