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Stop Smud Spending For Science Center Naming Rights

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  • Stop Smud Spending For Science Center Naming Rights

    SMUD, a publicly owned utility district has passed a resolution to spend millions of dollars of public money on naming rights for a science center being built in the near future.
    SMUD was created to supply electricity to the district. SMUD doesn't need to advertise the name as a brand, as they are already the only game in town, nor will users benefit from this expenditure in any reasonable manner on their utility bills.
    We believe SMUD should immediately cancel this resolution and refrain from spending the public's money in this manner. This thread shall discuss merit, strategies, and reasons in relation halting the SMUD board's decision to involve spending on this folly, and inform the SMUD board that the public is watching and making plans to control their ability to use money in this manner

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    I haven't used this forum for years. It was always kept published, but nothing new has been written on here in years because I haven't been as active as I was in the past. But....duty has called, and this SMUD issue has spurred my interest, and I hope others as well. Here we can discuss the strategies and subject matter without running afoul of censorship that often inhibits free discussion in other forums. The rules here are quite simple, and very tolerant. Basic registration and simple decorum. We're all people with diverse views and different levels of tolerance; the community is made up of all types of personalities, some might be volatile, outspoken, even obnoxious. Try and work with as many of us as you can in some fashion.
    The Forum rules are located in a link in the upper left.
    Once again, welcome, and I hope to gain something from everyone's help, input, activism.
    Please feel free to report non-functioning portions of the forum. It's old software in need of upgrade (which I have no funds for) but some things I can fix myself