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  • law of the cyberland

    (1) Please do not register with a fraudulent email address, or that of another without their permission.
    (2) Please do not register a screen name that would appear racially, sexually, or religiously offensive to other registrants.
    (3) Please do not use the forums to engage in a personal war with another registrant.
    (4) Please do not post pornographic images, advertisements, or website links.
    (5) Please do not post links to racially themed websites when the sole purpose is to recruit or encourage new members.
    (5) Please refrain from posting any foul language, swear words, or expletives that would seem offensive to most people.
    (6) No advertisements of, or solicitations for; goods, property or services outside the classified ad forum area.
    (7) Do not post any events or encouragement of them if a normal person would believe them to be unlawful, or if a moderator deems them so.
    (8) Please do not post racial supremacist or separatist encouragements.
    (9) Please post within the proper categories.
    (10) Please keep your posts reasonably on topic.
    (11) Please do not exhibit threatening, harassing, aggressive, or intimidating behavior towards other registrants
    (12) Please do not use this forum to collect information from registrants for a commercial marketing purpose.
    (13) Please do not use the email or private message system to harass, threaten, or intimidate another member.
    (14) Please do not use this forum to stalk, track, or collect information about another registrant
    (15) Please do not represent yourself as a spokesperson, agent, employee, manager, coordinator, chairperson, or any other official or designee of FightBackinSac without first obtaining written permission from a FightBackinSac Administrator.