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Dead Deputy's Name Hijacked To Promote Day Labor Center

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  • Dead Deputy's Name Hijacked To Promote Day Labor Center

    Incredibly shameless!
    In an effort to shore up support for this unlawful enterprise, the office of the sheriff turns to a new low in propaganda. I have lost ANY support for this sheriff. All of it.

    They have won the support of Sheriff John McGinnis, Sacramento County Supervisor Jimmy Yee and Sacramento City Council member Lauren Hammond.

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    Yeah, and I thought the RINO's invoking the name of Reagan in the Primary race was tasteless.

    This is firm evidence that these people will stoop to any level to generate support for the illegal aliens. But this does put them at a small risk of being called to account by surviving friends and family members.
    Enjoy Freedom? Get off your ass and do something to preserve it then.


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      The link for this story didn't work for me. However, that anyone in Sacramento public service, even the SHERIFF, would pirate the dead deputy's name for a DAY labor center is revolting!


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        This is getting characteristic of the Bee. Just delete the stuff they don't want, but use copywrite laws to discourage people from archiving them on their own