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    I am humble, yet I soar over you idiologues.

    I am humble, yet I soar above those who arrogantly think themselves something.

    My doctor told me I had a 'hypocrisy deficiency' in my life so I go to websites like this to absorb some.
    I find it so funny to see you all show your real stripes. I would bet real money that when you are not spewing hate speech on sites like this you just want to be seen as oh soooo tolerant and open minded and in favor of diverse opinions and free speech.
    Gee, you really earn the phony moral high ground with your scatalogical name calling and intolerant unwillingness to accept anyone elses right to their opinion. It seems most of you believe that your right to free speech, so ignorantly displayed herein, should not be extended to anyone with a fact based diverse opinion.
    I love idiologues, and hope they never go away; so strange thinking, biasly pragmatic, badly informed people with less than half a brain, but they can always feel better about themselves by lowering the bar as you do, you elevate us.
    Thanks for all the laughs and keep up the great work!