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Old 10-26-2010, 10:37 AM
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Default Mutiny On The County (Starring Mary Ose)

Mutiny On The County AKA Measure D For Arden Arcade Cityhood

Yes, that's what I'm calling it, because that's pretty much what it is. A bunch of deckhands who think the captain of the SS Sacramento County should abandon the the majority of people who depend on the ships' cargo for ther survival, and commandeer it for just the few richer merchants and their small section of supporters. Not only do they want control of the ship, but they also want to sieze all the good trade routes, the most affluent tax base it supplied, and with a stated goal of keeping all that pirated wealth within their own selfish secluded enclave. To add insult to injury, the mutineers are telling the poor, the sick, and the defenseless that they will have to fend for themselves with whatever it is that's left that they didn't see as lucrative enough to bother with.

Arden Arcade area is pretty much the treasure chest of Sacramento county. Just drive through their during lunchtime, and you'll note from the traffic alone that the area is a bustling hub of merchantdom. From this section of the county Sac derives a great deal of paying taxables, that include property taxes, sales taxes, and vehicle licenses that are notably steady in pretty much any economic times. Who wouldn't want to be dictator of an area like that? The problem is, all of Sacramento county depends on the supply that that ship carries. To cut off that trade route is to starve the rest of the county residents and keep them in virtual poverty in relation to their services.

Now along comes this small band of mutineers who scoff at the needs of the greater community, and want to gratuitously hoard it all for their own selfish desires. A quick look at the leader of this mutiny shows a minor player in area business with a documented history of tax liens and zero experience running a ship for public benefit who is trying to convince some skeptical members of the rest of the ship that she will be a more benevolent captain than the ones currently charting the course. Personally, I am not convinced of her selfless promises, mainly because she has no documented history of philanthropy that I'm aware of, and also because the main thrust of her campaign seems to revolve around cutting others out of the deal. That's right; the theme behind incorporation revolves around kicking people out of their circle of wealth. Why would anyone trust a person who shamelessly panders on such a concept? If she turned on the rest of us, why would she not turn on more of us later? These types of people have it in their nature to be larcenous and self indulgent at the expense of others. What's to stop them from continuing this pursuit after obtaining the stated goal? The answer is of course, you. But if you cannot stand up for yourself now, what makes you think you can, or will, do so after the mutiny has succeeded and a selfish, emboldened new captain has been placed at the helm without the power of the county board of supervisors to act as a buffer between you and the new, unrestrained captain's desires?

I have attended the meetings, those above decks anyway, and when I ask questions, I am not entirely convinced that I like the attitudes of the mutineers. I asked each of them one question, and one question only last night:
If you are all so disatisfied with the current leadership, can you tell me what was the last county board of supervisors meeting you attended to address your issues?
The answers were a whole lot less than inspirational. At least 4 of the candidates for city council said "none". Another, said that he went to one back in 1984 and was so revolted by it that he never went again. Some others have, but only recently, and for the sole purpose of incorporation (the mutiny). I believe Mary Ose fits in the latter category, as I have not seen her in any other venue than that, but I'll reserve final judgement if she will provide some evidence to the contrary.
There were a couple of shining examples of citizen involvement last evening, with one who sits on park boards and works within the community of the county to make things happen, and another, although in an official capacity mainly.

When you sum up the values of those who have had ample opportunity to converse and influence the current captain of the county ship, I'm afraid we end up with a pretty sad product. Out of 11 mutineers, only two or three have willingly gave of themselves for the good of the community prior to the rebellion. Not exactly a group I'd want to sail with into uncharted waters and after having told any would be rescuers that we don't need them. After all, we have our new, unproven, selfish, previously apathetic captain to protect us. I am urging everyone to consider the personal and public histories of these mutineers prior to handing over the helm of the ship to them. Would you first today, right now, give them the keys to your house and trust them to feed your dog while you go on a four week vacation? If the answer to that is no, you should not be considering awarding them greater control of your life than that, because my while my dog and house are pretty cherished possessions, if my community is run by pirates neither of them is safe, and neither am I

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