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Old 08-20-2009, 07:51 AM
ilbegone ilbegone is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
Posts: 318
Default Meeks, Aug 8th

There is a world of truth here...
Ethnically Speaking, August 8

Dear Larry: Why are black leaders more concerned about crimes that involve blacks and whites than they are about crimes that blacks commit against other blacks?

Over the years, I have noticed that whenever there are criminal situations that involve whites and blacks, black leaders get involved and come to the aid of the blacks, regardless of whether the blacks are the victims or the accused. Once they are involved, racism is one of the first things insinuated. It does not make any difference if the facts show otherwise. In my opinion, anyone who plays the race card is acting racist himself.

Crimes involving blacks and whites, regardless of how horrific or minute they are, always make national headlines. What I don't understand is how these same black leaders turn away from or ignore identical crimes when the crimes involve only blacks. Why don't these black leaders step in and put a stop to it?

What makes no sense is how black leaders turn against Bill Cosby and others who stand up against blacks who act irresponsibly.

I remember the Atlanta Child Murders. The victims were all black. For two years, the victims' families, the black community and black leaders criticized the Atlanta police and the FBI for not doing their jobs. The guilty person ended up being a black man, Wayne Williams. The black leaders tried to defend him and wanted to blame it on the work of a white supremacist. To this day, there are some who do not accept the irrefutable facts.

Larry, what is going on? PNW

Dear PNW: It is no secret that 95 percent of crimes that happen to blacks are committed by other blacks.
When the police arrest blacks for crimes, the people who are being protected the most are other blacks. Said another way, crimes against blacks could be reduced 95 percent if blacks stopped preying on one another, and when black criminals are arrested, the police should be praised for protecting the black community.

If black leaders said this, they would lose their following. They maintain their standing by taking information and twisting it so blacks believe they are not responsible.

That is why people like Bill Cosby must be discredited. If Cosby's opinion prevailed, the black leadership would be destroyed.

Black leaders have become famous and wealthy by making certain people believe they are hopeless without their leadership.
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Old 08-27-2009, 04:51 PM
joazinha joazinha is offline
Join Date: Jul 2009
Posts: 438

For years I have observed a general tendency by some folks to SIDE WITH a BAD guy when HE and THEY belong to the SAME race or ethnic group!
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