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Default Did you notice that other members left this org's membership?

Did you notice that other members have left this org's membership?

Some have left quietly & silently never to return,
Some have marked their empty accounts as simple "GONE",
Still others have made sure many here know they have left here totally disgusted with you by pulling all their postings but leaving just '......',
Some others have emialed you and told you to your face(Liberty Belle ?), they are quitting here due to your obvious favoritism & corruption.
Your corrupt matters are spilling out of this organization back into the 'old ones' and SOS infected viral members go into other organizations only to spread the contagion there.
Let that be your guide about the teminal health of this forum and org.
You have only yourself and you actions to blame on this matter...(but it's too intersting, huh?)
No aggressive matters should be inferred toward anyone here. I hope we are not getting upset for sharing polite opinions here.
"I really hope we aren't punishing members here for posting their honest opinions. That would be a bad precident to set. *Activists, who routinely point out corruptions outwardly with govt entities, also should be the very first to point out 'inside' org leadership corruptions."
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