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Talking I'll let you figure that are a big boy.

Originally Posted by AyatollahGondola View Post
Criminality? What Criminality? I'm going to call BS on you for that one
I guess my comment hit a nerve, huh? Got immidiate knee-JERK repsonse.
I'll let you figure that are a big boy.
PS...still waiting for gas cards to drive your signage truck ???
I guess I was right about you being impotent and ineffectual and marginal....LOL
No aggressive matters should be inferred toward anyone here. I hope we are not getting upset for sharing polite opinions here.
"I really hope we aren't punishing members here for posting their honest opinions. That would be a bad precident to set. *Activists, who routinely point out corruptions outwardly with govt entities, also should be the very first to point out 'inside' org leadership corruptions."
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