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Well, after all it is the worlds oldest profession.

I believe it's all cleaned up now, but there use to be a lot of hooking and drug dealing in front of an old motel on C street in Victorville.

One day in the early 90's I was driving past it from Hesperia road to fuel up at the station at C and 7th.

There were several provocatively dressed women in front of the motel who looked a little too wholesome and didn't quite act in character. There were also three or so unusually fit, clean looking young men loitering on the other side of the street.

As I drove past the motel, I looked up the passageway and saw the handcuffed pimp sitting on a five gallon bucket with a uniformed officer standing over him.

I pulled into the station and proceeded to fill up. All of a sudden I heard yelling and wheels screeching and turned to see to see a van peeling away from the motel. The guys from across the street were chasing the van on foot with pistols drawn and yelling at the van as it blew the stop sign and continued west.

I have no idea if the guy was apprehended, the guys on foot certainly didn't get him.

I think the way they cleaned up a lot of the mess was by cracking down hard on the local drug trade (which included hookers by way of extension) and publishing the full names of busted johns in the paper.

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