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Default Prostitutes Join North Highlands Business Community

No, it's true. They're bartering services openly in the area. I've seen them, and wondered how long before they were given a community center to work from just like the Day Laborers in my area. It's not any different. What they're both doing is violating state and local codes, and it's all just another point that shows Sacramento's law enforcement doesn't give a real damn about where the incubators for crime are.

In the meantime, residents are trying to "clean up" the neighborhood. Some yell out of windows at the parked cars in front of their homes. Some have installed pole lights that turn on whenever a car is parked near their property.

Talley said she carries a huge flashlight with her while driving in the neighborhood. Whenever she spots a suspicious car parked in a dark corner, she turns on her car's high beams and shines the flashlight on the occupants.

"This indignation rises up in you," Talley said. "You want to drive them out of the neighborhood."
Good luck to you Linda Talley. My efforts so far have earned me some of the worst scorn by neighborhood pests that can be dished out.
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