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Lightbulb Just more SOS2/FBIS staff impotent corruption seen.

To the FBIS cult responders here,
FBIS USA citizens who act like illegal aliens and use their lame brained rationalizations for 'spin', corruption and unethical criminality are no better. If YOU adopt the rationale and behavior of savages, YOU become savages too.

This FBIS defensive more lying seems to be pathological with you. NO surpise there. Just more SOS staff corruption taking root here in tainted cult FBIS. YOU have made yourself and your group irrelevant, uneffectual, impotent and frindge wackos. LMAO
No aggressive matters should be inferred toward anyone here. I hope we are not getting upset for sharing polite opinions here.
"I really hope we aren't punishing members here for posting their honest opinions. That would be a bad precident to set. *Activists, who routinely point out corruptions outwardly with govt entities, also should be the very first to point out 'inside' org leadership corruptions."
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