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Originally Posted by Referee View Post
Zack and Ayatollah,

Please read the forum rules. One specifically prohibits using the forum to engage in a private war with another registrant.


This download was originally posted in the Report fraud and corruption forum, but that is designated for public officials, politicians, and related. It was moved into general discussion for lack of a better forum. This thread and the attached file are going to be reviewed by other moderators and/or the administrators for its' value to Fight Back in Sac. Unless there is some substantial link to public government here, it may be removed.
I can show a link. Fightbackinsac's introduction:

Fight Back in Sac was created as a meeting place for those who seek empowerment, information, and allies to aid in the battle against corruption, malfeasance, and fraud that occurs in our government.
This injunction is a small part of a larger case that was brought by a couple who obviously did not get help from city, county, and state authorities. They sued on their own, and upon winning, or settling if you prefer Zack, they thought about the rest of us rather than just themselves. Read the settlement and you'll see that it was brought in the interests and for the protection of the general public. Many of us have been there too. You can't get the authorities to act, so nothing gets done about it. These folks did it themselves. There's a lesson in there for all of us here. An example if you will...They did the work that a DA or an AG should have done.
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