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Sorry, nice try.
I don't know the case personaly but here's my take on it.

Bixby's attorney told him to take the stipulation, Why? Because if Bixby lost the case, which apprently there was a good chance he was going to loose otherwise he would have fought it, then Bixby would be liable for the defendants attorney fees, court costs, damages, etc, maybe even criminal procedings. This way his wrongdoing slips into oblivion.

I don't know Davi's situation but I do know Bixby. He is vindictive. If he thinks you crossed him or if he can get away with it, he will spend thousands to hound you. Thats just the way he is.

How do I know Bixby, you guessed it, I used to work for him. He's come after me too.
I have been in construction 30 years. I have been a superintendent since early 90s. In all my years, I have never worked for anyone like Bixby. Not one project I worked on was the client happy. My first project for him was heading for litigation before I even started with the company.

To everyone else reading this ... do yourself a favor, before contracting with Bixby, ask for a list of 10 happy clients you can contact as references. If he does come up with 10, check them very carefully.

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