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Default You do a public records request with the county attorney

because the DA's office gives you the run around.

Here's another interesting element of this story the Bee won't cover.

All government offices are accountable to the County Auditor's office. Yet, if you go there asking for the their annual reports of the funding, they look at you blankly and scratch their heads and try to convince you are on drugs or something because there is no such beast, "or we'd know about it."

It's the best kept secret and county officials are in on it. The DA only writes its annual report with a spread sheet of expenditures, it submits to the county supervisors each year.

What others have asked Bee investigative reporters to look at is, how accurate are the expenditures. If the county auditor is kept out of the loop, then no one is examining receipts, vouchers, to confirm the legitimacy of the accounting, or, if the funds are used for their exact intended purpose, which they are not.

I know of one crime victim that is outraged to learn about the funding because they paid their attorney nearly $5,000 to "educate" a prosecutor in that office that real estate crimes are a federal offense with a minimum of five years in prison. This person went through a decade of a well-known predator doing illegal foreclosures, forged grants, and you name it, while the DA's staff kept telling them that "its not our jurisdiction."

I took the accounting forms I had to one of the consumer reporters at the local TV, who looked at the accounting sheets and said, "I don't see anything wrong."

I said, do you see anything that says "real estate fraud" expenditures? That reporter said, "so, the DA uses the funds to run its office, what's the big deal?"

I've had attorneys say to me, "yeah, its no secret DAs won't touch fraud."
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