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Stephen Frank 03-04-2011 08:12 PM

Central Valley Unemployment Has Significant Increase
California is in a Depression.

The admitted unemployment is 12.3%

The real unemployment is closer to 25%

The Central Valley of California has the worse concentration of unemployment in the nation--and growing:

• Fresno County, 18.2 percent; (17.2 percent)

• Kern County, 16.9 percent; (16.2 percent)

• Kings County, 18.3 percent; (16.8 percent)

• Madera County, 16.6 percent; (16.0 percent)

• Merced County, 21.2 percent; (20.1 percent)

Jerry Brown wants to destroy what is leftof the California economy with a $50 billion tax increase. Yes, he has a budget that he says cuts $12.5 billion from spending.

Any bets on the number of days, or hours, after he gets the $50 billion he restores the "cuts". Democrats did that to Mike Briggs with his "tax credit for farm equipment.

Democrats are in the process of repealing the tax credits Mike Villines got in exchange for his vote to increase taxes by $25 billion.

Can you trust the Democrats? Yes, you can trust them to raise taxes and go back on deals


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