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AyatollahGondola 01-17-2008 10:00 PM

Stop Day labor and Employer Fraud on 41st ave
Residents of south Sac,

There is a strong move afoot to demolish the old house on 41st ave across from Rainbow park, and build a community center. While the community center would be a welcome addition under normal circumstances, the principals involved are going to host a fraudulent hiring center for day laborers as the largest portion of the centers daily activity. Most of us from this neighborhood are well aware of the day laborers that have nearly taken over the parking lot of the AM/PM, and loiter in clusters for 3 more blocks up MLK JR.Blvd. If you live or work in this area, you can't help but notice that there are over 200 people nearly every single day on the street, and less than half are hired each day. The remaining idle hands often turn to other, less desirable activities for the remaining time on the street.
In addition, the flow of people hiring or "interviewing" them for jobs creates traffic problems and interfere with neighborhood businesses as they bring their under-the-table hiring practices to this community.
Many of us have witnessed the littering, drinking, and gang tagging that are on the increase here. Also, a new influx of transient type unlicensed businesses that patronized the day laborers conduct their activities without regard to the property owners and residents here.
Bringing all this negative activity a few more blocks towards the residential side of this community is a bad plan for homeowners, renters, and families. neither is it a good idea to place all of this across the street from Rainbow Park, that was designed for 6 year old kids and up. Day laborers have already a proven track record of non-compliance. Many, if not most have already entered the country illegally, and remain here in violation of the US laws. To compound that, they work without authorization of a US work Visa. They ignore no loitering signs posted all over the business parking lots, and on the streets. They often boldly ignore the sheriff's orders to vacate the premesis, and return as soon as the deputies leave the area.
This type of activity is far from desirable for a residential area, and neither are the unlawful businesses that are beneficiary to the cheap, unreported, and un-insured labor they obtain in violation of state employment laws. The proponents of this day labor center are willing to sacrifice this neighborhood in favor of their own interests, and the comfort of the people who profit from this unlawful activity.
Just say no! The sheriff and the county supervisor must be told that it is not proper for either agency to support illegal activity. The fact that this center is being touted as a community center is just typical political whitewashing. If the proponents of this enterprise were as interested in this community as they say, they would not include fraudulent employment, tax evasion, and immigration violations as part of their plan. Let's demand that this portion of the centers operations be excluded, and the permit to operate the center hinge upon the continued adherance to that requirement.
Call Supervisor Yee, and Sacramento County sheriff John McGuiness and express your desires on this subject soon, or the day laborers will be moved here by default.

AyatollahGondola 02-04-2008 12:21 AM

There is a way to oppose this day labor site,

The Sacramento sheriff is the first place to start. Since the sheriff has been instrumental in pushing forward on this day laborers idea, it is very important that we all let him know we don't want it. here are some of the points to use when either writing a letter or calling him:

Have you seen what day laborers, their supporters, and the people that hire them have brought to the area where they are now on 47th Ave. & MLK Jr. Blvd?
By the sheriff’s own admission there is rampant crime, littering, public drinking, and gang activity. In addition, the people that hire day laborers are almost always doing so to avoid taxes, reporting requirements, and paying for workers compensation insurance, which places them in the unsavory category.
Are you aware that many of these day laborers are not from this neighborhood, and actually drive or take the bus here from other parts of town?
Did you know that almost all of the businesses that operate where the day laborers are now, want them gone because they are causing problems and hurting their businesses financially, and driving away paying customers?
Are you aware that because the day laborers are paid in cash that there are people who watch and follow them to either steal or extort their money?
If the day laborers are working for cash and not paying taxes, loitering, littering, drinking, attracting gangs and thieves, working for underground businesses, causing problems and inhibiting business where they are now; Why would we want them closer to our homes or our public park?

Our sheriff is supposed to be a law enforcement agency. Right now, a top sheriffs lieutenant, Rosie Enriquez, has been spending her time trying to solicit aid and funding to secure a building and support services that will make the day laborers stay, and likely attract even more of them, when the majority of people affected by them want the day laborers gone.
Even more unbelievable is the fact that the sheriff knows that most of the hiring is done under the table and without California state employment taxes, insurance, and documentation
We want our sheriff to go back to law enforcement. The day laborers already have numerous religious support groups, the ACLU, and department of social service agencies to help them damage this community. We don’t need those with badges taking sides and supporting people that they know are breaking state and federal laws. It sets a bad precedent in an area already prone to the advance of gangs.
The Sheriff's office has lost a deputy sheriff last year who's murder has yet to be solved. Why does a sheriffs lieutenant have enough time to spend accomodating and encouraging people who are here illegally, and working illegally, instead of investigating that deputy's murder and bringing his killer to justice?

AyatollahGondola 04-28-2009 08:20 AM

Contractor Sting Nets Fraudulent Green Card User

CSLB Press Release - 03/12/09Contractors State License Board Arrests More Than 100 in Statewide Undercover Sting Operations
Unlicensed operators targeted in simultaneous five-county "California Blitz"

SACRAMENTO — The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) has just completed simultaneous undercover sting operations in five counties throughout California. The "California Blitz" was conducted by 18 CSLB investigators over a two-day period on March 10 and 11, 2009. A preliminary total of 107 people were arrested, including a number of people with outstanding arrest warrants. An additional 23 were given administrative citations at stings, as well as during sweeps of construction sites in two counties. Consumers and legitimate contractors are threatened by operators in the illegal and highly profitable multi-billion dollar underground economy.

In the stings, CSLB investigators posed as homeowners and invited suspected unlicensed operators to houses to bid on various construction jobs, ranging from landscaping, fencing and concrete to cabinets, roofing and painting. The operations were conducted in Contra Costa, Kern, Los Angeles, Riverside and Tulare Counties. Joining CSLB were various local law enforcement agencies and the Fraud Division of the California Department of Insurance.

"Many consumers don’t realize the risk they take when they hire a phony contractor to work on their home," said CSLB Registrar Steve Sands. "With the tough economic times, unlicensed operators seem to be even more aggressive in their methods of going after business."

The sting also revealed the extent to which unlicensed operators will go to try and stop their unlicensed competitors. John Fiore, 43, of Farmersville, who goes by the name "Tree Trimming Monkey," was arrested Wednesday at the Visalia sting. Prior to the sting, Fiore allegedly called an unlicensed competitor, saying he was a consumer who would pay him $1,000 to cut down five trees on his property. That competitor cut down the 80-year-old trees, then went to the consumer for payment. The consumer was completely unaware of the job arrangement. The value of the trees cut down was $20,000. Fiore will now face felony vandalism charges with special allegations since it is believed he has served prison time for crimes that include vehicular hit-and-run that resulted in death, arson, and selling methamphetamines.

On Monday, March 9, 2009, CSLB conducted a sting on a phony contractor who is believed to have scammed at least two consumers in different parts of the state out of more than $250,000.00. Gerald Thissen, 51, drove 275 miles from his home in Encinitas to Exeter, in Tulare County, to give CSLB undercover investigators a rough estimate of between $300,000 and $400,000 for a 20,000- square-foot building that would be used to restore classic cars. He was arrested and will face at least one felony charge.

Other notable arrests include a man with an arrest warrant for spousal abuse, and one who said he bought a fake driver’s license, Social Security card and resident alien card at a flea market.

By law, all contractors who perform work that totals $500 or more (labor and materials) must be licensed by CSLB.

Because unlicensed operators don’t carry workers’ compensation insurance, they often submit lower project bids. But, if a worker is injured on the job, the homeowner could be liable. Plus, if there is a contract disagreement with an unlicensed contractor, the homeowner has very few options.

Other unlicensed people who showed up and bid more than $500 on contracting jobs were arrested and given "Notices to Appear" (NTA) before a Superior Court judge where they will answer to misdemeanor charges of contracting without a license and, in many cases, for illegal advertising. The charges carry a maximum of six months in jail or a $1,000 fine for the first offense. A second violation carries a mandatory 90-day jail sentence.

Another important part of these sting operations is education. CSLB does not want to stop people from being able to make a living. Those arrested and released during the sting operation were encouraged to get a license, and were given an application package with all the necessary information and forms.

The CSLB urges consumers to follow these tips when hiring a contractor:

Be especially hesitant when approached by someone offering home improvement services door-to-door.
Verify the contractor's license by checking online at, or via CSLB’s automated phone service at 1-800-321-CSLB (2752).
Don't pay more than 10% down or $1,000, whichever is less.
Don't pay in cash, and don't let the payments get ahead of the work.
Check references; get three bids and a written contract.
Contact CSLB if you have a complaint against a contractor.
Sting Results
Location Participating Agencies Highlights
Kern County Contractors State License Board
Kern County District Attorney’s Office
Kings County District Attorney’s Office
Department of Insurance 25 Notices to Appear
Walnut Creek
Contra Costa County Contractors State License Board
Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office 23 Notices to Appear
2 Administrative Citations
Palm Springs
Riverside County Contractors State License Board
Palm Springs Police Department
Riverside County District Attorney’s Office 14 Notices to Appear
12 Administrative Citations
Porterville (Day 1)
Visalia (Day 2)
Tulare County Contractors State License Board
Tulare County District Attorney’s Office
Department of Insurance 19 Notices to Appear
4 Administrative Citations
Los Angeles County Contractors State License Board
Department of Insurance
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office 26 Notices to Appear
2 Administrative Citations

In 2009, CSLB, which operates under the umbrella of the Department of Consumer Affairs, marks its 80th anniversary of protecting consumers by regulating California’s construction industry. Today CSLB licenses more than 315,000 contractors. In any given year, complaints are filed against only 3% of licensed contractors. In fiscal year 2007-08, the CSLB helped consumers recover $3

AyatollahGondola 06-12-2009 10:42 PM

This marks the start of a program to educate the residents of the area about the day labor site being built here

Coso Kid 06-12-2009 10:58 PM

What, no honor among thieves?


John Fiore, 43, of Farmersville, who goes by the name "Tree Trimming Monkey," was arrested Wednesday at the Visalia sting. Prior to the sting, Fiore allegedly called an unlicensed competitor, saying he was a consumer who would pay him $1,000 to cut down five trees on his property. That competitor cut down the 80-year-old trees, then went to the consumer for payment. The consumer was completely unaware of the job arrangement. The value of the trees cut down was $20,000.

AyatollahGondola 11-04-2012 11:38 AM

Community Center battle is to be re-ignited. The Sacramento County Supervisors are voting on an item this Tuesday, November 6th, to allow funding for the community center which will include a DAY LABOER CENTER. The day labor pests have been somewhat removed from the area, but this center would see, and encourage them to return.
It's time to fight back on this. they want to use Tobacco settlement money to fund it. I am developing a strategy to fight it. Join in please!

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